Wooden Structures & Equipment

Wooden structures are still used in homes, offices, schools, commercial centres and workplaces. A variety of things made of wood are used even when cheaper substitutes made of plastic and other materials are available in the market. There are many reasons why wood made structures remain popular. Different types of wood structures can be used in the schools and educational institutions.

Play park equipment 

Different types of items made of wood are built in the playground. Wooden equipment is a safe and durable item. In many cases, it is cheaper than its plastic substitute. wood playground equipment can be installed in the outdoor setting without any problem. Such items can be installed in the home backyard as well as in the school playground. Wood structure is used successfully in combination with the plastic structure. For example, a slide for kids may have a plastic slide but the ladder and elevated launch pad may be made of wood. Both medium and large playground structures can be built using the wooden materials. Ships, Noah's Ark, castles, tractors, wagons, monster trucks, trains, oversize pumpkins, elevated single beam and play houses are some of the playground structures that are made of wood.

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Hardwood flooring provides a good alternative to floorings made of concrete, stone slabs and stone chips. It can be used at places where people walk barefoot. For example, the rooms used for practicing exercises, games and sports can have wooden flooring. Hardwood flooring can be found in the office and visitor's area because it conveys a sophisticated and upmarket look of the organisation. Carpets can be installed easily on the wood floors.


Various structural parts of the building can be made of wood. Doors, windows, transom windows, wall panels, partition panels, cabinets and storage cabins are some of the structures that can be made of wood. Most people still prefer wooden furniture. In some cases, wood is combined with other materials to make the furniture. For example, a table may have metal skeleton structure while its top may be made of wood panels.

The Benefits of Wood

Being a renewable material, wood is eco-friendly. It is a biodegradable and recyclable building material. There is no use of fossil fuels to produce woods. It means no air pollution and water pollution during the production phase. Its carbon footprint is a lot less compared to metals and plastics. Many people are allergic to chemical substances found in plastics and other synthetic materials. Kids having such allergies can suffer serious reactions when they come in contact with the items made of synthetic materials. Such problems can be avoided by using wooden structures.